Kitchitora of Tokyo



Opened in November 2012,  this is one good Ramen House that we stumbled upon while wanting a piping hot meal in the midst of an equally piping hot topic.  Great food combined with a great company is always a delightful combination.

Gyoza – Php 155 – 5 pcs.  – this pot sticker is Japan’s Chinese dumpling.  This is made of ground beef with vegetables inside a thinly rolled piece of dough.  This is usually eaten with soy-vinegar dipping sauce.

Gyoza (Photo from their FB Account)

Gyoza (Photo from their FB Account)

(*) White Soup Ramen – Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish which is of Chinese origin . It has wheat noodles with broth or meat stock and toppings such as spring onions and slices of pork or chicken or beef.  This particular ramen is served with a hard-boiled egg.  The soup is creamier than the usual broth. The hand-pulled noodles are made fresh.  This dish is so simple yet too divine to forget.

White Soup Ramen

White Soup Ramen

(*) Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil –  Php 395- And who said there should only be one banner dish for every restaurant? Not this one … this is as good as the 1st one but with a different twist.  This I love better than the 1st .   Where did that creaminess come from? Might be the miso and all other ingredients put together to concoct this lovely meal.  I am no fan of Ramen but this one is on the top my list. This is a specialty ramen.

Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil

Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil


2nd Level, SM Megamall – Atrium, SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 451-2218

Operating Hours
Monday – Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday and Saturday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm



Queens Crystal Garden Restaurant … Incredible Indian Food

Indian Food is an acquired taste for Filipinos but I came to love and enjoy their dishes … this is different, close to tradition and purist to some… It is liking what other people don’t find as such … it is loving what is different.  My fascination with Indian Food started with Eat, Pray , Love and the acquisition of my japa mala beads.  It is always a joy that every Diwali Festival … our Filipina neighbor married to an Indian , Aleli, gives us Indian sweets.  I am also a fan of their Indian bracelets that she gives whenever she travels to India … one day , I would like to visit the place and I hope I will be given the chance. 

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

(*) GULAB JAMUN dessert made from  Milk powder, milk, baking soda, unsalted butter, oil, water, cardamom powder, kesar, sugar. This is my favorite Indian dessert . It is akin to yema and leche flan.



(*) Chapati – Indian whole wheat griddle bread .  This is staple to every Indian meal. 

Makhani Dal

Makhani Dal

(*) Makhani Dal is a rich lentil sauce.  This can be a main meal or accompaniment to a principal meal.  This can be eaten with the chapati as well.  Very good combination.

Kadai Chicken

Kadai Chicken

Kadai Chicken – Kadai is the Indian Wok. This is cubed chicken in sauce with coriander & cumin seeds, black pepper corn,  red chillies, ginger , ghee (clarified butter)  , onion, tomatoes, salt , spice powder and garlic.     

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken – roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and spices.  This is cooked in a cylindrical clay oven called  tandoor.

Vegetable Katti Roll

Vegetable Kati Roll

 Vegetable Kati Roll –  Julienned Vegetable rolled in roti with green chili paste, turmeric powder, masala powder, eggs, lemon juice onions, chutney, guacamole, olive oil and salt.  The Indian Burrito.

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki

Coriander & Tamarind Sauce

Tamarind and Coriander Sauce

Aloo Tikki – This is mashed potato with mashed green peas, coriander, chili powder, chaat masala, lemon and salt.  This is eaten with coriander sauce and tamarind sauce.

Kadai Paneer

Kadai Paneer

Kadai Paneer – Paneer (cottage cheese) cooked with oil, bay leaf, cloves, cinnamon, red chillies, coriander, onion, ginger, garlic paste, tomato.

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao

(*) Vegetable Pulao – Boiled Rice (Chawal) cooked with cauliflower, potato, peas, onion, cardamoms, red chili, cinnamon, cloves and salt.  This is one rice dish that I wouldn’t want to miss.  The Indian Yang Chow Rice.

(āp kā khānā svādiṣṭa ho) Bon Appetit!

Queens Crystal Garden

146-B Jupiter St. Bel-Air, Makati Philippines

 (02) 895-1816


This is by far the best mustard in my list.  The company Düsseldorfer Löwensenf GmbH was founded in 1903 in Metz, France.  They relocated in 1920 to Düsseldorf because of the 1st World War. 

 The word means Lion’s Mustard.  It is made of water, mustard seeds, spirit vinegar and salt with no preservatives. It is important to refrigerate after opening.   This enhances just about any meat like sausages and burgers. The taste is a mixture of dijon and wasabi.  This is tangy and so delish !

 When in Germany … buy a tube or a jar. 


Löwensenf in a Tube


Löwensenf in a Jar

Loukoumania … LOCO over GRECO

Loukoumania … the taste of Greece

Rupee Lane St., Villanueva Village, Paranaque City


The blues and the whites … the sun and the sea … my name, Vanessa (butterfly in Greek) … it is all about Greece and more . 

Have you ever loved a place you have  never been to?  Have you ever loved something but can’t touch it? It is in my bucket list … and as part of my journey , I’d stop and dream awhile … in a Greek nook just outside the Villanueva Gate of Multinational. This is owned and managed by Michael Winn , a Greek but born and bred in Brisbane, Australia.  He is fun, hospitable and generous.  

SOUVLAKI (pork or chicken) Php 95  ala carte / Php 150 platter w/ salad, chips, tzatziki

“Souvla”  means skewer . This is a popular Greek fast food consisting of meat usually pork in skewers. It is eaten in the skewer or with pita bread with a sauce called tzatziki.  This has been said to be a fave among the ancient Greeks and earliest references are found in Homer.  In Santorini , excavations enearthed skewers which could have been used earlier than 17th century.   

Souvlaki is usually marinated in oregano, pepper, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice then grilled for 5 minutes each side. 

Souvlaki Platter

GYROS (pork or chicken)  Php 100 ala carte / Php 155 platter w/ salad, chips, tzatziki

“Gyros”  means  turn. This is meat roasted vertically srved in a pita bread with tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce. This is akin to shawarma.

GREEK SALAD – this salad shouts summer – all crisp, fresh and lemony.  This is usually consisted of feta cheese, tomato, bell pepper , onions, olives, salt, dried oregano and olive oil. This is palate cleansing. This is  Greek goodness without the guilt.

Greek Salad
Photo Courtesy of Loukoumania

(*) Greek DIP PLATTER WITH 2 PITA bread Php 240

My 1st encounter with this is in Mati in Rockwell .  It is when I 1st fell in love with the Greek cuisine. 

Pita Bread – “Pita”  means solid or clotted . This flat slightly leavened wheat bread which is  either round or oval is usually a staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. This requires high amount of heat to cook. Php 11 per order

Tzatziki (garlic yogurt w/ cucumber) This is made of yoghurt which is usually served cold with cucumber, lemon, salt, garlic, olive oil, dill or parsley. This is the sauce for souvlaki and gyros.

Melitzanosalata (eggplant) This is made from mashed eggplant usually roasted mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. 

(*) Hummus (chick peas) This is mashed chick peas (my fave) with lemon juice, thini, olive oil, salt and garlic. 

Dip Platter with Pita Bread

PATATES TIGANITES Php 60 – this is fried potatoes which is crispy and delightful .  This is usually a meze, a side dish in Greece but can also be eaten as a main dish for a light meal.  Most Greeks don’t usually drain the oil in absorbent paper towels but it is always a matter of choice.

Patates Tiganites

LOUKOUMADES (honey puff) Php 50 . “Lokma” means mouthful or morsel. This is a fried-dough pastry served with confectioner’s sugar and chocolate syrup.

Traditionally , this is usually soaked in sugar syrup or honey and cinnamon and served with sesame seeds.


BAKLAVA (walnut) Php 65 – Not in any way related to a good friend of ours.  This traditional Persian dessert is made of layers of filo pastry filled with nuts (walnuts or pistacchio) and sweetened with  honey . This is an oily dessert.

This word means “to pile up”  bayla in Mongolia.


 (*) KOURABIEDES (Greek Short Bread) Php 65- This is light short bread made with almonds. This is  crescent in shape and dusted with confectioner’s sugar.   This is usually called polvoron in Spain and the Philippines. But unlike our typical polvoron this is harder.  This is my fave in this restaurant when it comes to dessert. 

You get FREE kourabiedes for every 250.00 purchase.


RIZOGALO (Rice Pudding) Php 50 – this is made from mixing rice with milk and water . Usually cinnamon is sprinkled on top.  In the Philippines, this is champorado but without the cocoa.


GREEK COFFEE – this is akin to the Turkish Coffee which is “muddy” .  The ground beans are boiled in a coffee pot usually with sugar and served in a cup to allow the grounds to settle.  This is similar to our rice coffee but ours is better.  This is not as strong as our coffee.

Greek Coffee

(*) MOSTRA RED WINE – Php 360 – 500 ml bottle – Greek Wine – this is a red semi-sweet wine. Soft in the mouth with cherry and sweet vanilla notes. I found my red wine . Ya Sou!!!

Mostra Red Wine

There is always a good thing around the bend …. a good find amongst the unsuspecting places … I found this when everything else is in limbo …  when too confused , just throw your cares to the wind and say “Ya Sou!” Cheers!

dainty STACY’S in QC

Capitol Green Street Commercial Center

Captol Hills Drive, QC

+639526843 / +639478916975/ +639334427661

Lavander , white and yellow flowers in pink pots with white saucers in baby blue tiles in every table … fresh as the morning

Baby Pink Ref and Telephone … distressed white tables & chairs … blues, greens and yellows

Baby Garden Set on a Faux Green Grass for your little angels Afternoon Tea

Cath Kidston Reading Nook

Country Condiments Corner

Cath Kidston Aprons

More Country Novelties to add a touch of Whimsy

Cake Counter with bumblegums, lollies and cookies with pastel paintings on the background

Counter to Entice you into more sinful delights

Crystal & Steel Chandeliers

Pleasant Surprise for FREE … caramel popcorns, baby pink Pretzels and Powder Blue Marshmallos in a pink cup with white polka dots

Grilled Shrimp w/ Sweet Pomelo & Mixed Greens in Asian Dressing Php 175 .

Dear John – light sardine spaghetti served in a yellow green ceramic pot – Php 205 . Good though the serving is very small.

Bluebell Farm’s Beef Casserole – slow cooked beef that is so tender almost falling off the bone – served with a piping hot heart-shaped rice . Php 265. Good!

Can it get any cuter than this … all dainty, all girly , all country.  A well-thought of concept.  Love for  nice & beautiful things.  Details are nicely put.  All sugar and spice and everything nice. Whimsical and a little nice surprise in every corner.  Good food . Nice ambiance .

Wait … don’t forget to pay the bill and get halloween choc balls for FREE 🙂



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Eastwood City Walk 1, Cyberpark, Orchard Rd Bagumbayan, Quezon City Philippines (0922) 832-8071 I have been to their Mandaluyong Branch and have blogged about it : Their Eastwood Branch is a totally different ambiance.  It is more open and … Continue reading

May Paalam Ba Na Di Masakit?

Death by Sadness

Yung di tutulo luha mo at di masisira ang kolorete sa mata kasi naghanda ka naman sa pagtatagpong ito.  Masama kung di waterproof ang nilagay … may itim na kasama pag luha mo … baka akala pa niya kulay ng budhi mo yun.

Yung kahit magsasalita ka ng mga linyang sinulat, inaral at sinanay sa harap ng salamin ay di maiiwan sa lalamunan mo ang mga salitang gustong sabihin. Yung di ka parang nabubulunan at tuloy tuloy at swabe kang magsasalita. 

Yung di ka parang binabayo sa dibdib at kulang na lang atakehin ka sa puso dahil sa sakit.  Akala ko nga noon tayutay lang ang “masakit ang puso ko” … totoo pala … pisikal na sakit din pala yun .

Nakailang pamamaalam na ba ako ? Di na mabilang sa dami … di ba dapat sanay na? Di ba dapat praktisado na? Di ba dapat di na mahirap? Pero kahit kailan walang pamamaalam na parehong pareho ng sitwatsyon.  Magkaiba lagi … magkaiba ng sakit … magkaiba sa lahat ng aspeto. Kaya di kailanman magiging handa ang puso at isip. Walang paraan para mamanhid ang pandama.  Sana nga meron … pero wala, wala. 

Bakit kailangan magpaalam ?  Pwede namang nandiyan lang.  Pero baka mas mabuti na wala na lang. Daming dahilan … paglipat, pagkamatay, walang puntahan, wala nang nararamdaman, gamitan. Kahit ano pa yan … dumadating yan . Sa bawa’t pagkakataon … may iba’t-ibang uri ng sakit.

May pamamaalam na di gaanong masakit kasi alam mo babalik naman … pero may kirot pa din , may kinukuha pa ding lakas sa pagkatao mo ng isang di makitang puwersa.  Marami na ngang paraan para di maramdaman ang pagkawala dala ng teknolohiya pero iba pa din ang personal … ang nandiyan lang.

May pamamaalam na haplit … ultimo , pangwakas , katapusan . Pag namatay ang mahal sa buhay o di man maibabalik ang dating pagtingin. Ito na yata ang isa sa pinakamasakit. Maaring magkunwaring bukas uuwi din o tatawag din … pero nakaharap sa kawalan …nakatambad ang isang nakakabinging katahimikan. Ito ang ayaw nating mangyari … ang mabingi sa walang naririnig. Akala mo panaginip lang pero paggising mo … wala na nga pala. Ang sakit … di mo na mahawakan, di mo makausap … gusto mong awayin dahil iniwan ka pero paano?

May pamamaalam na ginagawa dahil kailangan.  Dahil walang pupuntahan, walang kayang ibigay o walang nang maramdaman. At dahil kahit ulit-ulitin ang istorya – pareho pa din ang wakas … wala pa din. Pero tao lang , laging gustong magbakasakali … baka naman pag inulit , mas maganda na ang konklusyon. Masuwerte kung ganun pero mas madalas sa hindi – pareho pa din.  Pinilit namang gumana , umayos … pero may mga bagay na di angkop. Laging dahilan … ang mga bata.  Tama naman … tama nga ba?

May pamamaalam dahil mali ang mga bagay na nakaikot sa paraiso ninyo.  Marami masasaktan at magagalusan.  Sa aspetong ito maraming makakaugnay.  Ito ay lihim na tinatago sa mga matang mapagmasid. Ngunit huwag humusga. Baka kailangan lang pera kagaya ni Sari o nagmahal talaga kagaya ni Kara. Mali pa din … pero sino tayo para maghagis ng unang bato?  

May pamamaalam na nawala na pala … hindi mo pa alam. Nawala na lang na parang bula.  Kala mo nandiyan pa … pero wala na pala.  Mahirap umasa pero may mga taong sadyang nagpapa-asa … maaring takot sa paghaharap o di alam ang sasabihin.  Naiwan ka nakabitin sa hangin … tapos magugulat ka na lang sa iyong pagbagsak.  Nagtaka ka pa … ano nangyari?  Pagtingin mo sa paligid mag-isa ka na lang pala .

May nawawala at kahit ano pa ang gawin … ayaw na talaga.  Para kang kumakausap sa hangin … ni hindi sumasagot sa tawag at sulat.  Aalis na lang … walang paalam … magugulat ka pa. Ito ay di nagpapa asa … ito ay nakalimutan lang na dapat ay may “karaniwang kagandahang-loob o kortisiya” sa taong hindi ka naman ginawan ng masama. Maaaring makasalubong mo pag naglalakad ka at ikaw na mismo ay maiilang kasi wala kang alam na pinag ugatan ng paglayo. Iba ang sakit na dulot nito kaysa sa karaniwang sakit na dulot ng salita o pisikal na paraan.  Mas masakit ba ito?  Oo … kasi nga walang pagtatapos … walang pagsasara.  May mga taong naniniwala kasi na pag wala nito … pwede bumalik sa pagdating ng panahon … pwede naman sabihin yon … kaysa ganito. Di karapat dapat para sa taong naging mabuti naman sa iyo o napasaya ang malungkot mong buhay na tratuhin ng ganito. Binura ka sa buhay niya ng ganoon na lang. Nakakalungkot pero may mga taong sadyang ganito.

May pamamaalam na umalis ka na … di pa niya alam.  Di nya naramdaman na wala ka na.  Di ka naman kasi mahalaga … mabubuhay siya ng maligaya kahit wala ka.  Pero ikaw sobra ka sa damdamin … iyak, di makakain, di makatulog.  Siya tuloy ang masayang buhay.  Buting umalis ka na lang … di ka naman pala hahanapin.  Sana laging ganun … may nagpapaalam pero wala lang sa yo …

May pamamaalam na dapat gawin kasi naggagamitan lang kayo. Baka maubos ka … kawawa ka naman.  Pwedeng akala mo meron pero laging may katumbas na salapi and bawat kabutihan na dulot niya.  Kung bigyan ka man ng isang bagay … isipin mo baka mas madami ka naibigay.  Nung minsan kang bigyan , akala mo soulmate mo na siya. Pero sige pagbigyan ang mga ilusyong ito … ikakasaya mo naman yata – yun nga lang di libre. May mga taong may kapasidad na magpaikot ng mga damdaming ganito para sa kanyang ikakabuti o minsan ikakabuhay.  Ito ay bayad sa panandaliang saya at tuwa … sa pagkabuhay ng isang istoryang sa panaginip mo lang binuo.  Bakit hindi?  Di naman kayang tumbasan ng ibang tao ang kaligayahang dulot niya di ba? Pero sa bandang huli, dapat magpaalam lalo na pag nagpapabayad lang pala.

May pamamaalam nga na magugulat ka pa at masakit pala.  Kasi sanay ka na nandiyan lang siya. Kampante na di aalis .  Kadalasan ay pinagwawalang bahala.  Alam mong kayang kaya mong amuin at ayos na ulit. Ito ang pinanakakagitla sa lahat … mawala ang dapat sa iyo na.

Sa kahuli-hulihan … paano magpaalam nang di masakit?  Walang ganoon … may paalam pa nga na pati langit lumuluha … pag umuulan.   Lagyan ka pa ng saliw ng tugtog na pamamaalam … lalo ka na halos alisan ng bait.  Yayakapin ka at sasabihin … ” may taong mas bagay sa yo / di ko kaya ibigay ang gusto mo/ ako ang may problema, di ikaw/kailangan ko ng puwang” … paano kung ikaw nga ang gusto? Marunong ka pa sa may katawan … pero ito di mo mapipilit, kalokohan man ang sinasabi niya. Ang ipanalangin mo na lang mapagtanto niyang wala na palang hihigit sa pagmamahal mo … at mangyari ito sa panahong di pa huli ang lahat. 

Mahirap magbago ng nakagawian na … mahirap pag siya lang ang gusto umalis at di naman ikaw … mahirap makaramdam ng pangungulila … pero baka sa umpisa lang … makakabawi din. Malilimutan din ang mga salitang binitiwan … alaalang naiwan. Kaya? Baka may mga araw na ganun pero sigurado ako may mga araw na nakatulala ka at iniisip na nakatingin din siya sa bituing tinitignan mo. Lalo na pag dapit hapon at umuulan … 

Pag nakarinig ka ng kantang alam mong sa panahon niya ay ginusto ninyo pareho … may kirot pa din yun.  May partikular na oras ng bawa’t araw na sanay ka na siya ang kausap … at wala na nga … paano na? May lugar na nilakaran ng inyong mga paa … mga bagay na parehong kinaaliwan … Minsan pag masaya ka … maaaring magkamali at tawagan siya para ibahagi ang magandang balita at kung may pangit ganun din … pero nung idayal mo … wala na pala o ayaw sagutin. Mas masakit ang ganoon.

Sa pagtatapos … walang pamamaalam na di masakit … lahat may kirot.  May pwede gumamot … pero maghihintay ka pa … baka may bago o may babalik … at pag naging mapalad ka … baka habambuhay ka na sasaya … pero may mamamatay ulit … masakit ulit .  Paikot ikot lang yan.  Pero maging matapang at bigyang pagkakataong sumaya ang puso kahit ganito ang lahat ng pagtatapos.  Kasi di naman mababayaran ang saya na madadama mo kapag ikaw ay nagmahal.