FEZ Restobar


How the stars defined your destiny has been determined aeons before you were born … coincidence is merely a product of one’s unperturbed innocence of how the universe works. Even the choices were given … you just have to take it.  It is like choosing food … was there ever a specific taste that you would rather have or that you have known to love all along? It is always a journey that will lead you to the wondrous liking of a certain taste that will fit your palate.  It is like finding love in the most unexpected circumstance … loving when others won’t find the ­­­­­­­object of your affection even appealing at a glance.  It is a person who finishes the sentence for you or the one that reminds you of the things that you have forgotten because your mind is unbelievably a mountain of bits and pieces thrown in to get your mind off a lot of misplacements. 

Those who knew me knew that I live and breathe Carrie Bradshaw … with their last movie to boot … most of it were shot in Morocco … it is also where she saw Aidan  and the rest was history in this beautiful movie.  And if I ended eating in a Moroccan grub (place) … might be a mischievous wave of my fairy’s wand. 


Ack: Sheesha Toronto

And I never thought it was a Moroccan grub … aside from the tell-tale signs of the word FEZ (Turkish hat or city in Morocco) … shlada (salad) is one’s metaphoric description of a Moroccan identity.  Arches of intricately carved wood and hookah or sheesha (oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water) … it is like something dumped on your face but never quite knowing what it was.  I am too dense in so many ways … it is very hard to assume. I don’t want signs; I want hard facts and words.  Twice in my life I lost something because of this.  Or this is Part 2 of ” I didn’t come prepared” … what was Google doing in the midst of this?

Ambience: cosy, intimate … middle-eastern-ish (how could I miss it!)

Foodie’s Order:

Pita Platter: “freshly made pita breads served with 4 kinds of homemade dips: hummus, baba ganoush, garlic yogurt and tomato sauce.”

Hummus – Mid-eastern dip made of chick peas, lemon, olive oil, tahini, garlic and salt.  My 1st taste of a hummus with certain “chunkiness” in it …  The usual is paste-like … this is … different. Not in a bad way … it gives it character.

Baba ghanoush – this is the spelling that I am familiar with .It is a mixture of eggplant , olive oil and various seasoning.

Trivia: Ghanoush is an arabic word meaning “father of coquetry “ … harem , anyone?

Garlic Yogurt – yogurt, cloves, lemon juice and salt

Tomato sauce – tomato, olive oil, salt, pepper, onion, garlic and other seasonings to taste

This platter is hard not to like … this is a safe thing to order.  My fave play is spreading it all together in one pita.  It will become a delight of its own.


Pita Platter

Rocket Salad: “crisp romaine lettuce with roquette greens topped with slices of grilled tomatoes, candied walnuts with feta cheese and Mediterranean vinaigrette”

Roquette (perennial herbs grown in Mediterranean region … see arugula as well) … The salad is light and easy yet with a chomp and a certain feisty taste. This was chosen because feta goes well with pita and it turned out to be great combination.


Rocket Salad

(*) Rib eye Steak: “Angus beef cooked to your own doneness served with sautéed baby asparagus and marble potatoes. “

When the porter house or T-Bone was choice and becomes rib eye … it connotes having to settle for the uneventful or the resto doesn’t offer one. I hope it is the latter and not the former because it says: boredom; lacking in tiny bites and missing the meat on the bone.  This is one is very tender and juicy … no not like the hotdog kind of way … it is a flavourful, succulent beefy goodness.


Rib Eye c/o Fez FB Page

The rest on the menu … it is up for you to discover. 

Will I ever come back?  …  depends …  Wink – wink  … from an avid believer of 2nd chances and about soul and palate that never forgets.

*Kenn Velasco, owner and friend of my twin sis, Nicole Cruz. 

Serendra Piazza
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 901-1840, (+63 916) 250-4532


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