Koh Samui is an island paradise 80-minutes flight away from Bangkok.  This is an idyllic vacation get-away. 

The restaurant opened in January this year.  This is intricately designed as the usual restaurants found in Bangkok.  Entering the place made me reminisce about the my foodie adventure in Bangkok. 


Thai Interiors

Thai Interiors

Thai food has carved a special place in my palate.  Even the receptionist donned their national costume to complete the score.

chut Thai phra ratcha niyom, literally Thai dress of royal endorsement

Chut Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom, literally Thai dress of royal endorsement

The meal will begin with FREE starters:

Fried Prawn Crackers

Fried Prawn Crackers

The waitress called this Fungi.  Tengang Daga for us Filipinos but the scientific name is Auricularia polytricha.  This is dried black mushroom served as an appetizer.  This is a good beginning …

Auricularia polytricha

Auricularia polytricha

(*) Shrimp Curry – This is one is very good. Even the shrimps are fresh.  Though the serving is quite small for its price . It was well worth it. Though traditionally Indian – this one is just right for th Filipino taste.

They are particularly proud of their curries . I must say … they should be. 

Shrimp Curry

Shrimp Curry

Chicken Pandan – Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaves . The leaves keep the chicken juices inside so you can eat a soft and juicy chicken after it has been fried. This comes with a sweet and sour sauce topped with sesame seeds.  For 1st time eaters, thou shall not eat the pandan leaves.

Chicken Pandan

Chicken Pandan

Mango Pudding – this is one heavy dessert.  It is a jelly mango served in a wine glass topped with cherry and chocolate.


Mango Pudding

There are still a lot in the menu.  And I will feature them after I have tasted them in February.

Address: Macapagal Hobbies of Asia

8421 Pasay City, Philippines

(02) 808 9999 and (02) 556 6666


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