dainty STACY’S in QC

Capitol Green Street Commercial Center

Captol Hills Drive, QC

+639526843 / +639478916975/ +639334427661

Lavander , white and yellow flowers in pink pots with white saucers in baby blue tiles in every table … fresh as the morning

Baby Pink Ref and Telephone … distressed white tables & chairs … blues, greens and yellows

Baby Garden Set on a Faux Green Grass for your little angels Afternoon Tea

Cath Kidston Reading Nook

Country Condiments Corner

Cath Kidston Aprons

More Country Novelties to add a touch of Whimsy

Cake Counter with bumblegums, lollies and cookies with pastel paintings on the background

Counter to Entice you into more sinful delights

Crystal & Steel Chandeliers

Pleasant Surprise for FREE … caramel popcorns, baby pink Pretzels and Powder Blue Marshmallos in a pink cup with white polka dots

Grilled Shrimp w/ Sweet Pomelo & Mixed Greens in Asian Dressing Php 175 .

Dear John – light sardine spaghetti served in a yellow green ceramic pot – Php 205 . Good though the serving is very small.

Bluebell Farm’s Beef Casserole – slow cooked beef that is so tender almost falling off the bone – served with a piping hot heart-shaped rice . Php 265. Good!

Can it get any cuter than this … all dainty, all girly , all country.  A well-thought of concept.  Love for  nice & beautiful things.  Details are nicely put.  All sugar and spice and everything nice. Whimsical and a little nice surprise in every corner.  Good food . Nice ambiance .

Wait … don’t forget to pay the bill and get halloween choc balls for FREE 🙂


2 responses to “dainty STACY’S in QC

  1. This looks like a charming place!

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