Eastwood City Walk 1, Cyberpark, Orchard Rd Bagumbayan, Quezon City Philippines (0922) 832-8071

I have been to their Mandaluyong Branch and have blogged about it :

Their Eastwood Branch is a totally different ambiance.  It is more open and spacious.  No offense meant, I will always hold the Mandaluyong branch very close to my heart. Private and old world Italian.

For a small group with a homey ambiance

Wine & Food Pairing Set-Up


1. Cheese Platter : Provolone, Pecorino, (*) Grana Padano, Mozzarella

Cheese Platter

2. Cold Cuts Platter: Salami Picante, Salami Milano, Prosciutto

Cold Cuts Platter

3. Wheat Bread Canapes with Mozzarella cheese and Prosciutto

Wheat Bread Canape with Mozzarella cheese and Prosciutto

5. Quattro Formaggi Pizza – Pomodoro Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Assiago and Gorgonzola

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

(*) 6. Tutta Carne Pizza – Pomodoro Sauce, cooked ham, Salami Picante, Prosciutto and mozzarella

Tutta Carne Pizza

7. Margherita Pizza –Pomodoro Sauce, mozzarella, and basil

Margherita Pizza

8. Tomato & Tuna Au Gratin

(*) 9. Penne ArrabbiataRoman pasta dish, Angry Penne. Spicy hot sauce with garlic, hot peppers, and parsley

Penne Arrabbiata



(*) 1. RIESLING, ITALICO DOC IL ROCCOLO  – Riesling Grapes, Lombardy Php 950

12% alcohol content

 Vintage : 2010

 Color / Appearance: very pale straw leaning to almost white/clear

Nose: Herbaceous/Vegetative – Fresh – like freshly cut grass – very mild

Mouth: Pleasantly Acidic – Metallic

Best Food Pairing:

Since it is the most versatile wine, Penne Arrabbiata, Tutta Carne Pizza and Salami Picante which both spicy can stand up to this wine unlike any other.  For the cheese, since I’ve tasted my fave Bleu and Riesling – I cannot see myself loving another pair. Avoid tomato for this wine.

This is my favourite among the 3 white wines.


2. FALASCO, GARGANECA IGT – Valpantena, Garganesca Grapes from Verona Php 1150

13% alcohol content

 Vintage : 2010

 Color / Appearance: light yellow / clear

Nose: Fruity – Citrusy

Mouth: Slightly Acidic – Metallic

Best Food Pairing:

Tomato & Tuna Au Gratin, Salami Picante, Salami Milano, Margherita Pizza ( because of the basil)


3. CHARDONNAY – Allegrini, 2009, 100% Chardonnay Php 1,400.00

12% alcohol content

 Vintage : 2009

 Color / Appearance: deep golden color

Nose: Fruity – Tree Fruit – Apple

Mouth: Acidity – Sour

Best Food Pairing: Dubbed as the world’s favourite white wine. Provolone is the cheese of choice for this wine. Avoid tomato for this type because its acidity doesn’t go well with the buttery Chardonnay.


* As the white wine aged … the color becomes deeper.


1. MONTEPULCIANO D’ABBRUZO IL POGGIO – Abruzzi Region, 100% Montepulciano Php 700.00

12% alcohol content / Medium bodied

 Vintage : 2009

 Color / Appearance: dark purple

Nose: Fruity – Berry / Spicy

Mouth: Dynamic-Thick Chewy Feel / Tannic

Best Food Pairing: Prosciutto, Wheat Bread Canape with Mozzarella cheese and Prosciutto, Tutta Carne Pizza


(*) 2. CABERNET SAUVIGNON IL ROCCOLO – Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes Veneto Php 800.00

 Young Red Wine

 Vintage : 2010

 Color / Appearance: deep red color

Nose: Fruity – Berry / Resinous – Vanilla

Mouth: Weight – medium to full / Acidity – sour  but less tannic than MONTEPULCIANO

Best Food Pairing: This is the “King of Red Wine”. Tomato & Tuna Au Gratin, Salami Picante, Quattro Formaggi Pizza


3. PINOT NOIR  – Pinot Nero Grapes, Lombardy Php1,200.00

Vintage : 2008

 Color / Appearance: garnet – much lighter than the others reds in this batch

Nose: Fruity – Berry – cherry

Mouth: Very Tannic – explosive / bitter after-taste / broad range of texture and aroma

Best Food Pairing: Tomato & Tuna Au Gratin, Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Pecorino, Grapes. Never pair with goat cheese.


* As the red wine aged … the density of color decreases.


1. ROSE – Blush  – Php 1150

Dessert Wine

Color / Appearance: pink

Nose: Fruity – Berry – strawberry

Mouth: Dry

Best Food Pairing: Pecorino, Tutta Carne Pizza, Salami Picante


(*) 2. MOSCATO – Php 1150

Dinner/Dessert Wine

Color / Appearance: white

Nose: Floral – Orange Blosssom. Honeysuckle

Mouth: Semi sweet to sweet without being too forward just spritzy

Best Food Pairing: My favourite Sparkling Wine. Tomato & Tuna Au Gratin, Mozzarella.  This must be good with my favourite bleu cheese



Dinner/Dessert Wine

Color / Appearance: white

Nose: Intensely aromatic / Fruity – Tree Fruit – apple, pear, white peach and apricot

Mouth: Irritation – Prickle / stronger than Moscato

Best Food Pairing: Prosciutto, Penne Arrabbiata


My Review on the Pairing:

Ambiance is very good.  Cool and very Italian in ambiance. Naidie and the staff are very accommodating, courteous and nice. It was well prepared.  Guests were given the scoring sheet and pens.  Interaction is encouraged but not pushed in the throat. 

Coffee beans were provided to stimulate the olfactory sense which experiences olfactory fatigue when trying too many scents or aromas.

Coffee Beans for Olfactory Fatigue

It will be well appreciated if mouth feel and aroma wheels were provided. But if you have this, just bring it.

Wine Aroma Wheel by Ann Noble

Mouthfeel Wheel by Gawel, Oberholster, Francis (2000) Austr. J. Grape Wine

The buffet was constantly filled up and changing some of those in the buffet as the availability diminishes.  It will also be good if the list of the food was provided beforehand but since the host is very patient in explaining, I will let this pass. They don’t limit the guests in drinking the wine even after the process.  This is value for your money and I highly recommend this wine and food pairing.  To my chagrin, I wasn’t able to meet Vanessa, my namesake, the daughter of the owner again this time.

 This is one event that I truly enjoyed and learned a lot from.  I found my sparkling – just like how a shoe fits perfectly in my tiny dainty feet. Moscato! Salute! Cin Cin!

 Remember : Wine Tasting & Pairing is a personal journey .  No one can dictate what is good or what is not .  It is a matter of taste . 






  1. Nice pics and txts
    Next time sana feature mo mga celebrity owned rest or celebrity chefs tapos pakuha ka pic with them

  2. Dear, I’m really sorry! I’m getting married really soon, had important dinner last Saturday. Thank you for blogging bout this, I’m so blessed and proud of Naidie for saving me last Saturday. We are planning a wine and chocolate pairing event on February, promise to be there. Thank you again for this amazing blog. Can I post it in our wall? Grazie ms.Vanessa! – Vanni

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