FELICITY PATISSERIE … Happy Food, Sweets and Treats

Felicity Patisserie

2/Flr Unit F, Holy Spirit Drive cor Don Matias St.

Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City


This is a quaint cafe which you won’t find by chance because this is somewhat “hidden”.  This is found across Cake to Go and above Nail Files when going to BF , QC.  This was introduced to me by my twin sister, Nicole Cruz, when we met one time near her home.   Everything about it shouts “country” … the design, the fonts, the colors.  

Cute Dainty Accents

Country Style Interior

The Menu is divided into 5 Categories:

All Day Sunny Breakfast – served w/ seasoned white rice & fluffy parsley egg

 Ohh-La-La Pasta– served with haute-toast garlic bread ( which is very good)

Delish Entrees- gourmet rice meals served with white or seasoned corn rice. They serve fish, shrimp, chicken, pork and beef.

Divine Desserts– desserts made in heaven, temptingly good on earth. They have cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, eclairs, macaroons and cookies.


Foodie’s Order:

Pasta Kai-Vigan – Php 160.00 –  spaghetti with olive oil topped with Vigan Longanisa and parmesan cheese.  This is good though not really exceptional.

Pasta Kai-Vigan

Sicilian Tomato Pasta – Php 160.00 – spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil. Though the real Scilian Pasta calls for only anchovies, olive oil, parsley, pepper, bread crumbs and garlic, I got confused with this pasta.  I don’t know if the name was derived from the real Sicilian Pasta Recipe or they just named it so.

Sicilian Tomato Pasta

Cream Puffs – Php 25.00 – these are small puffs with vanilla pudding and cream inside the shells. 

Double Choco Delight – Php 700 whole / Php 80 slice – chocolate cake with caramel in between

Double Choco Delight

(*) Frozen Brazo de Felicidad – this is the best dessert in this patisserie.   This should be ordered 1 day before because this is their best seller. Available for pick up or delivery. I am an avid fan of Brazo de Mercedes (cream filled log cake). These are meringue rolls filled with egg custard and frozen to perfection. This is a must!

A Slice of Frozen Brazo de Felicidad

This is a very minute representation of what this restaurant has to offer. I’ve yet to taste some of their dishes. They also accept reservations for parties and functions.

When in Quezon City, text in your order and drop by this charming nook and bring home a frozen Brazo de Felicidad.

Frozen Brazo de Felicidad To Go


One response to “FELICITY PATISSERIE … Happy Food, Sweets and Treats

  1. Thank you, Vanessa Cruz-Zapanta! Thanks for finding Felicity Patisserie, a hidden gem @ the heart of QC!=) _ Carol de Leon tru FB

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