RED Garlic Bistro … Read Eat Drink

Red Garlic Bistro

218 Katipunan Ave Blue Ridge, Quezon City

(02) 682-1860

Part owners are Claudine Barretto and Raymart Gonzales.  I will try to be as objective as possible because Raymart is a relative by affinity … his dad is the brother of the late Ben Santiago who is married to our aunt, Paulina Santiago.

Interiors are tasteful but hardly a good venue for reading maybe because our timing is bad – peak hour (lunch time).  Servers are courteous and well-groomed. Parking is ample. You can park in front  the building  near the place as well.

Foodie’s Order:

CHICKEN ADOBO QUESADILLA  – php 255 –  Chicken adobo floss with caramelized onion medley, cheddar cheese, mango salsa with adobo sauce served with peppermill dressing on the side .  This is good. Try this! I am a fan of quesadilla and anything inside this is a delight for me.

Chicken Adobo Quesadilla

(*) SANTIAGO CHILLI POPPERS – Php 225 – Freshly hand-picked Chili fingers filled with Mexican Taco sauce wrapped in Jalapeno Dough .  This is one good appetizer.  Very creative and delish. Presentation is very enticing as well.

Santiago Chilli Popper

MANDARIN CRUNCH ORIENTAL CHICKEN SALAD – Php 235  – Garden fresh greens, Mandarin oranges, shredded carrots with char-grilled marinated chicken breast garnished with crispy fried wanton strips served with Oriental Mandarin Dressing.  

Mandarin Crunch Oriental Chicken Salad

 GALAPAGOS PIZZA –  Php 515 – Fresh shrimp sauteed with their very own creamy garlic white wine sauce topped with roasted chilli peppers. I’m not too hooked on this. This might be named after an archipelago in the Pacific. 

Galapagos Pizza

 (*) TORRE DEL GRECO – Php 495 – Roasted Italian tomato-basil with sauteed rock shrimp, fresh arugula tossed in lime-vinaigrette garnished with Grana Padano cheese.  Warning : Arugula is an acquired taste . Could be bitter for some.  This is my top pick for pizza!

Torre Del Greco

(*) SANTORINI – Php 455 – Penne in their very own Roasted Roma Tomato-Cream Sauce with crabmeat and rock shrimps . This is my best pasta bet in this part of Quezon City.  Not only because it bears the name of one of my fave place in Greece but because I super love the sauce .  This one is the type that you would want to sop your bread into the Roasted Roma Tomato-Cream Sauce until the plate is clean .  Molto delizioso!  


TUSCANY – Php 320 – Spaghetti tossed in slowed-cooked tomato sauce topped with meatballs.


TEQUILA LIME BARBEQUE BEEF RIBS – Half  Slab 550/ Full Slab 995 – Certified Angus Beef Ribs slow roasted until almost falling off the bone, then grilled to perfection and heavily basted with their very own Smoked Tequila Lime Barbecue Sauce served with smoked grilled kernel corn on a cob.  This is good but I just find it hard to nibble on this –  if you are out on a date … not a good choice.  

Tequila Lime Barbecue Beef Ribs

ILOCOS BAGNET– Php 370  – An Ilocos original delicacy of crispy pork liempo served with rice and Ilocos bagoong . Who can go wrong with this? Bagnet is one of my guilty pleasures especially when dipped in KBL ( kamatis “tomato”, bagoong “fish paste” , lasona “bulb of common red onion” ) .  Yey, kiss the diet goodbye .

Warm Bread Pudding with Sabayon Vanilla Sauce – Slice Php 145.00 / Whole 950.00 – this an all warm and cuddly comfort dessert . Sabayon is the cousin of the light, egg-based Italian dessert called zabaglione.

Warm Bread Pudding with Sabayon Vanilla Sauce

 CHOCOLATE DECADENCE  – Slice – Php 195/ Whole – 1300-  chocolate cake goodness served with Raspberry Ice Cream . This is further pushing your fat rump to the wall. 

Chocolate Decadence

Aside from the ones I have tasted … they also serve breakfast, soup, lamp, chicken, seafood, sushi and sandwiches.  There is a wide variety of choices to satiate your gastronomic cravings .


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  1. Red Garlic Bistro via FB : Thank you so much for the feature Ms Vanessa! 🙂

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