Masala … indian kebabs and curries


Near Merville Gate 2, Brgy Moonwalk, Paranaque City, Philippines

Tel #: 0917-8247160 / 02-6240255 ( delivers!)

Mon to Sat : 11AM-9PM

Owned and managed by Roshan Karnani, born and bred in the Philippines … and said “Pinoy ako.” , this month old restaurant is as authentic as it can be but catering to the level of Filipino “spicy meter”.

This is a small restaurant found on the road when passing by Merville. 

Facade of Masala

Only 3 tables for a small group of people but accepts delivery to cater for those craving Indian food.  Indian paintings adorn the walls.  There is the picture of Khrisna ( meaning black, dark blue) .  My 1st encounter with this Hindu deity was in Singapore in the Sri Mariamman Temple.  He is the preserver-god, model lover, divine hero and Supreme Being. 

Khrisna in Sri Mariamman Temple Singapore

Bidriwares like vases which originated from Bidar can be found on the table. These are intricate metal artworks which are important export crafts of Indian and  prized symbol of  wealth.

Bidriwares on the Table

After a long contemplation  and much help from Roshan because I am no Indian food expert … here goes the food from the kitchen …

Foodie’s  Orders:

VEGETARIAN TIKKA KEBAB – Php 180 – soya chunks marinated in tandoori spices. This is served in a rectangular plate with roasted tomato, bell pepper and onion.  This goes well with rice mixed with bay leaf and cinnamon. 


Trivia: Tandoori is used in clay oven . These are spices that can differ depending on the region  but typically include garam masala, garlic, ginger, onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices and additives (e.g. lemon juice …). The spices are often ground together with a pestle and mortar but an electric grinder will do.

CHICKEN TIKKA KEBAB – Php 180 –  chicken chunks marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices. This goes well with rice mixed with bay leaf and cinnamon.  But this can be eaten with Chapati as well.


Trivia – Yogurt makes the meat  tender for fowl such as chicken and ducks. This can be used for seafoods as well. The marinade should include, salt, tomato and oil.

(*) CHAPATI – Php 15 flat unleavened bread made of whole wheat and cooked on a flat skillet.  This is served fresh from the skillet.


Trivia : Difference between a chapati and naan is where it was cooked – Chipati is cooked in a flat skillet (tava)  while naan is cooked  in a tandoor.

CHICKEN KOFTA MASALA – Php 220 – Kofta means balls of minced meat. The ground meat is mixed with spices like cumin and garam masala. The sauce is color yellow with chunks of tomato and coriander leaves. This goes well with rice mixed with bay leaf and cinnamon.  But this can be eaten  as a dip for the as well.



CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA – Php 220 – Tikka means pieces. These are pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices then grilled before putting the tomato based sauce, cream and coriander.  This goes well with rice mixed with bay leaf and cinnamon.  But this can be eaten  as a dip for the as well.


SAMOSA – Php 80 – 3 pieces – a popular appetizer in India . These are triangular fried pastry with savory  fillings such as potatoes, onions, lentils, ground meat, peas, etc. This is somewhat similar to our native empanada. This comes with a tamarind chutney.


There are 3 sauces that can add to the Indian intermingling of scent and taste:

  1.       Yogurt and Garlic Sauce

    2.         Tamarind Sauce

    3.        Green Chili Sauce

3 Special Sauces

Roshan has his own curry tree in his backyard and makes his own curry sauce with 10 secret spices.


There are also daily Indian Set Menus for each day of the week. These are all freshly cooked, homestyle, complete Indian meal.  These includes a meat curry, lentil curry (daal), rice, side dish and 2 chapatis like Masala Monday, Tangy Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, Tasty Thursday, Fiery Friday and Spicy Saturday.

I was told once that I have to enlarge my territory … made 2 foreigner friends already since my birthday started – Agathe and Ange from France whom I met in Coron and Roshan, an Indian restaurateur.  Roshan and his mom were accommodating and very nice to us. They promised a Japa Mala beads for me – I hope they will keep their word.   The food is great! They are proud of their heritage and have acquired the Filipino hospitality. So when you are craving for Indian food … do try this !




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