Katipunan – 990-3110

Paso de Roxas Center – 553-3326

MOA – 542-2707

PB Co Katipunan

PB CO is an appealing snack nook for me.  Not only because I lovvvveee peanuts like crazy but I love the colours browns and whites as well. This one was established with one thing in mind: “to elevate the simple peanut butter to new heights “ – they said.  Has peanut butter elevated itself in my heart already?  When it comes to cake , ice cream, doughnuts and chocolates – it has to have nuts in it. 

I like my stuff crunchy , nutty – like everything else in life.  It has to have oomph or I will find it boring. You have to be interesting enough to hold my fancy – or take a lot of peanuts to make you smarter, as the oldies say. Why so? Peanut is a brain booster because it is high in vitamin B6, protein, has a good source of folate and naturally cholesterol free. This is one of the most excellent foods for students like you because of its high nutritional value. Eating peanuts can keep your brain functioning because it aids to maintain a steady sugar level on your body

Modern in design.  Ikea (my fave furniture store) frames were used to announce the specials on top of their tables.  It was made to appeal to the kids and the kids at heart. It is simple, basic and clean.

Foodie’s Orders




Fish n Chips – Php 165 – Deep fried battered Dory fish fillet with crisp potato chips served w/ peanut, mayo and cucumber sauce.  This one I can live without.

Fish n Chips

Oriental Kani Salad – Php 125 – One for the weight watchers – This is a mixture of greens, tomato and cucumber slices, mandarin oranges, crabs sticks and with crispy noodles on top with Oriental Dressing ( PB Sesame Peanut Butter).  This is different because of the dressing and the Oriental Noodles.  I might order this the next time again.

Oriental Kani Salad

 (*) Fish Diablo Pasta – Half 105 / Whole 185 – Spaghetti with PB Co Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce with pieces of Dory fish fillet. Benissimo!

Fish Diablo Pasta

Elvis, the King Sandwich – Half Php 85 / Whole Php 155 – A generous amount of PB Crunchy Peanut Butter layered with banana and bacon strips on a pan-grilled bread. 

Elvis, the King Sandwich

Roast Beef Sandwich – Half Php 105 / Whole Php 185 – Prime beef slices with mushroom gravy with PB Co Cardamon Peanut Butter in wheat bread

Roast Beef Sandwich

(*) Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich – Half 75 / Whole 135 – my top pick . Sweet sandwich made of melted marshmallow in peanut butter. Benissimo!


Marshmallow Peanut Butter Sandwich


Fountain Favorites

Dark Chocolate PB Banana Milkshake – Php 185 – a decadent experience of PB Co Dark Choco, fresh banana and vanilla ice cream blended with ice. This reminds me of Jonah’s Banana PB Shake in Boracay.  This is one fattening drink …  but we can indulge once in a while, right?

Dark Chocolate PB Banana Milkshake

Soda Float – Php 120 plus regular soda Php 30 or special soda Php 45 – this with Cherry 7-Up and vanilla ice cream taste like liquid aspilet .  This is a fun way to drink your medicine.

Soda Float

PB Jars are also available in 2 sizes : small (Php 50-55)  and big (Php 180-210) . These are peanut butter goodness that you can take home and enjoy. 

PB Jars

Nutty Options

The List

This one gave peanuts something new to its boot.  It is a new way to indulge in our favourite nut. It can get too nutty when taken  too much.  I would suggest a sandwich but not two.  A salad or a pasta would do. Or it would be too much for your tongue to handle. Everything in moderation – anything in excess could be unpalatable or unexciting no matter how much you wanted it.  Give it space for you to miss it … so you will come back running, as experience has taught me.










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