My Best Attractions:

1. Lost World – Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure & Waterworld
2. Far Far Away – Shrek 4-D Adventure
3. Madagascar – A Crate Adventure & Madagascar Boogie
4. Ancient Egypt – Revenge of the Mummy
5. Sci-Fi City – Battlestar Gallactica Cyclon/Human
6. Hollywood – Silver Screen Collectibles
7. New York – Lights , Camera, Action & Rockafellas

Trip Tips:

– Book on-line so you won’t have to queue. Keep in mind you have a 10 SGD worth of food and items. I forgot this.

– Start from the Lost World (back part) – tnx Nikki! – so that you won’t have to waste your time queuing.

– Bring a bottle of mineral water and an umbrella … it is HOT, HOT, HOT

– If you plan to get wet in Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure or Waterworld, don your board shorts and flip flops. Bring your waterproof bags and cameras. In Waterworld, you will be soaking wet (as in a bucketful of water ) … should you dare choose the “soak” part of the seats. But there are “dry” seat less the fun , of course. Bring extra shirt or buy one.

– When having your picture taken with the characters, make sure you are in front of the queue because they usually cut it off after a few minutes or so.

Don’t miss:

Shrek 4D Adventure – See, hear and FEEL the action right from your seat as you join Fiona and Shrek in a fairytale adventure.

Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg – Amazing ! An empty sound stage became the setting of a major hurricane about to hit NYC.

Madagascar Boogie – Come “move it, move it” with the cast

– Catch our very own Streetboys as the Rockafellas-New York.

For the Daring and Bold : Battlestar Gallactica’s Cyclon and the Revenge of the Mummy

You can miss this : Canopy Flyer and Donkey Live! – but those with kids, go see, definitely not for mature audience


Dining at the Universal: Expensive!

Food Stall at Ancient Egypt : Corn Dog – 3.5 SGD – ordinary / Softdrinks – 3.5 SGD

Discovery Food Court – features SG’s must try favourite local dishes, desserts and drinks in a Jurassic Setting.Their Crispy Noodles – 9.50 SGD

Mel’s Drive-In – Classic 1950’s drive-in that serves all-american faves like burgers, fries and sodas

Chilli Burger ( w/ fries and drinks ) 10.80 SGD/ Double Patties Cheeseburger ( w/ fries and drinks ) 12.50 SGD

Don’t Miss: Hershey’s Store



  1. In Orlando, the best roller coaster, in my opinion, is The Incredible Hulk! Love it! (But I wouldn’t ride after the chili burger…)

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