Chocolate cakes … sinful. Indulgence that we submit ourselves into. Goodness that we sink our teeth into while closing our eyes and dreaming of the wicked things to come.

TRIVIA: It has been written that chocolates are aphrodisiacs. The Aztecs referred to chocolate “nourishment of the Gods”. Chocolate contains chemicals thought to effect neurotransmitters in the brain and a related substance to caffeine called theobromine. Chocolate contains more antioxidant (cancer preventing enzymes) than does red wine. The secret for passion is to combine the two.

Category : Cakes
Address : GF SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines
Branches : Burgos cor Mabini, San Juan City, Philippines
                    : Sgt Esguerra Ave., QC, Philippines
                    : Xavierville Ave., Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone Number : 2121212 /5560188 / 7260330 / 9299304 / 9902817

Parking : SM MOA Carpark

Email Add :

This store was recommended by Pau Marie. I am more of an ice cream gal … cakes are my sis’ fave … but I can indulge in this nevertheless. This is conveniently located all around the Metro. Their place is a charming with French posters and pictures.

Located near the cash register is their cake decorating work station that is meant to be seen by the customers which is a delightful touch. They used fine grade chocolates as well. You can take order your cake with their hot or cold beverages.

Death by Tablea – this moist chocolate cake is not too sweet and you will be happy to believe that since it is not sweet, it is not too fattening and you eat another slice and another one … and more. I am into chocolate cakes with nuts and … and more nuts. I get bored with pure chocolate cakes but this one is good. They spread the chocolate frosting all over the moist cake and garnish it with chocolate shavings. This one comes in 4 forms to choose from which I like … slice Php 80 / loaf Php 270 / 6-inch 395 / whole 700. Does it taste good? The last time I checked my takeaway never saw the light of day in our home.

Death by Tablea

Trivia: Tablea is a Spanish word-meaning tablet, and tsokolate is a Filipino word-meaning chocolate. It is a thick hot chocolate specially made from cacao balls. The tablea can also be a thick disk or flat, and even in square form. But the balls are the most popular form made, and is considered as one of Batangas delicacies. (


Bailey’s Chocolate Cake – I would rather call this Chocolate Cake Period … Bailey’s (which is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks) is barely there … but the cake is very good sans claim to the name. I think that they have stored the cake inside the box the whole day making me taste the box as well … ?! But despite that … I went on to eat my 2nd slice … Available per slice Php 72 / loaf Php 230 / 6-inch Php 325 / whole Php 575.

Bailey's Chocolate Cake


This list is too short ( and life is …) … giving me more reasons to come back for more …



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