Have you ever met someone that you can’t walk away from? This day will come, this person will appear when you least expect it. When this happens, this core shaker is bound to create chaos in your perfectly charmed life or peace in your topsy turvy world. It is when you will again trip on your own feet and be foolish once again.

But isn’t it nice that this day and age, you’d be feeling like the high school kid you once was. Sometimes we all miss the novelty and the surge that the years stole away from us. The time where kids invade our waking hours , partners try to steal the minutes left of it and work constantly dominates. Where is “me and myself” in the equation? Gone … and when you look in the mirror – you can’t barely recognize the individual staring at you – and when someone walks in … what is left of the energy that you once have allows you to just stare – to wander and wonder – “Have you ever met someone that you can’t walk away from?” We all have but we have different ways of facing the situation. We totally walked out of it. We try walking around it. We let our hands dry over the fire for a while. We  walk away from it. It is always a good choice because we are good persons  – we always put other people that will be hurt  in the process first. It will be nice to stop, stare and trip on your own feet. But regaining composure is what matters.


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