It’s a location shoot that will pass the “Fear Factor” standard. Place for the daring, the bold and the wild. It’s a site of high adrenaline extreme adventure. The Surfing capital of Asia. For people with irrepressible desire to conquer new heights … this place is for you!

Getting There:

By ship:
2 days on high seas from Manila to Surigao. Then take a fast boat ride (1 hour) to Dapa on Siargao Island. This passes to the famed Philippine Deep. From Dapa 30-minute ride to General Luna.

By air:
1. Take Manila to Cebu Flight then Super Cat Ferry to Surigao City then follow instructions above.

2. Take Manila to Cebu Flight then take SeaAir direct to Del Pilar, Siargao (45 minutes). Take a shuttle to take you to any resort in General Luna.

3. Take Manila to Butuan Flight. Two hours land trip to Surigao. Follow instructions above. This route took me to the picture postcard surfing location.

Where to Stay:

There are plenty of cottages and lodges to stay within the vicinity. There are modest nipa huts in General Luna which can rent for Php 800-1000 per person per night. There are no telephones, restaurants, supermarkets or hotels except in the mainland. Some prefer to camp and spend the night sleeping inside the tents. It is not commercially developed yet and it is a part of its rustic charm.


Surfing – Cloud Nine is the Philippine’s most “famous” wave. The surfing season starts from August to March. October is the month of the International Surfing contest. The surf board can be rented for Php 150.00 per day.

Swimming – 27-mile long white fine sand strip of Gen. Luna is the favorite. There are choices of the beach qualities: cream colored coarse sand (Basul & Sagisi), richly adorned with colorful seashells sprinkled with coral bits & pieces (Danawan) and surrounded by limestone & granite sculptures with pools of assorted shapes and sizes (Pilar).

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving – wide array of marine beauty. Zaragoza rock formation has one hectare beach park of dagger-shaped structures as high as 20-feet arising from waist-deep crystal clear waters.

Seafood Feasts – Marlins, tunas, groupers, crabs, squids, rays and octopuses are succulent food that can be bought fresh and cheap from the vendors. Game-fishing and spear-fishing won’t be disappointing of the bountiful seas of Siargao.

Sailing – island-hopping using catamarans and motor bancas. Boat trip to Sotohon Lagoon is a must. When the tide is low, you can inside the caves and see the bats, orchids, stalactites, rocks and different variety of fishes. Guyam and Pansukian (Naked Island) are worth seeing because of its coral reefs and white sands

Trip Tips:

* Going to Siargao meant passing by the “Philippine Deep” so if you’re not into this adventure; try some other places to visit.
* Always bring drinks and packed lunch when going to the boat trip.
* Habal-habal motorcycles can take you around the island for Php 600.00.
* Seafoods abound and they are cheap. So eat your heart out.
* Never expect for the amenities of the city hotels … it’s rustic.
* Always wear your aqua shoes while swimming.

Siargao is the site of two very different experiences … the adventure of riding the wild waves and the serenity of a rural allure. Despite the utter diversity, the place is an exquisite encounter. Their traits complement each other creating a spectacular display of a truly divine encounter with one of God’s gift to humanity. Siargao Surfing … try it. I dare you!

Written: July 2003


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